Lisboa and Sintra

Lisbon is a city full of history, charms and mysteries ... our proposal is to walk in the city and let  it unravels  its secrets step by step and street to street.
We have several fixed tours, with a maximum limit of 15 people, where anyone is welcome.
To accompany us, make a reservation by e-mail ( or by phone (+351 935 882 064) until 2:00 pm the day before the date you want.
Groups with a minimum of 5 participants, who wish to make one of these tours at a time of their choice, should contact us to schedule the tour.
Learn more about the conditions of these tours.

Discover Lisbon

It's when you walk in Lisbon that you discover all its secrets and charm. Come and discover, in a relaxed way, the history and traditions
of this city.

This tour takes place from monday to saturday (15h) in English, and on sundays (15h) in Portuguese.
(Includes a custard cake)

Meeting point: Praça do Comércio/Terreiro do Paço
GPS: 38.707570, -9.136444

Price: 20€ per person.


Graça and the flea market

If you want to know Lisbon as a local you cannot miss visiting its oldest and most famous - the Flea Market.
Starting at Santa Apolónia Train Station we will explore the most typical of Lisbon, Alfama. You will learn about its history and see some of the most important monuments of this hill where Lisbon was born and where Christian
culture mixes with the Muslim and Jewish. 

This tour takes place on tuesdays (10 am) in English and on saturdays (10 am) in Portuguese.
(Includes a custard cake)

Meeting point: Praça do Comércio/Terreiro do Paço
GPS: 38.707570, -9.136444

Price: 20€ per person.

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Lisbon flavours

This tour was designed for those who know how to enjoy the good things in life.

We will stroll through Lisbon and at the same time taste true delights of Portuguese gastronomy.

From the most traditional snacks to the famous custard cake, nothing will left out!

This tour will take place at wednesdays
and fridays (10 am) in English and on
thursdays (10 am) in Portuguese.

(Includes custard cake, cheese cake +
coffee, different wines, Port wine,
sausages and Portuguese cheeses,
bifana and Ginginha).

Meeting point: Praça Luís de Camões
GPS: 38.710664, -9.143283

Price: 45€ per person.

Carne e Queijo

Churches of Lisbon

Our proposal is to walk the streets of Lisbon and know its history through some of its beautiful churches.
Who was the first Bishop of the city of
What Church is connected to the Massacre of Jews in the Easter of 1506? Let's answer these and other questions as we walk through
centuries of history.

This tour takes place on mondays (10 am) in English and on thursdays (10 am) in Portuguese.
(Includes a custard cake)

Meeting point: Rua dos Bacalhoeiros ( next to Casa dos Bicos)
GPS: 38.709055, -9.132691

Price: 20€ per person.


Belém - door of the world

Belem : from here Vasco da Gama left to give "New Worlds" to the World.
In this neighborhood was built the most important work of the Portuguese
Gothic and Renaissance, the Jeronimos Monastery.
This is a place full of history, culture and sweets, where we can find the famous Pastéis de Belém (custard tart). Our invitation is to discover the most noble zone of the city, where
History and modernity intersect.

This tour takes place on fridays (10 am) in English and on saturdays (10 am) in Portuguese.
(Includes a beer cake)

Meeting point: Afonso de Albuquerque garden
GPS: 38.696678, -9.200229

Price: 20€ per person.



Sintra is one of the most beautiful villages in the world and a must see when visiting Portugal.
Our proposal is to walk around the
Village and know some of its secrets and charms.
The most romantic villa in Europe is waiting for us, let's walk?

This tour will take place on mondays (10h) in English and on tuesdays (10h) in Portuguese.
(Includes ticket to the Vila Palace).

Meeting point:  Sintra train station
GPS: 38.799391, -9.385558

Price: 30€ per person.