Walking tours: how we work

1 - Payments must be made before the start of the Walking Tour. Payments can be made either via bank transfer or through Paypal and the proof of transfer must  be sent  to geral@storic.pt. If a payment is made immediately before the start of the Walking Tour, it must be done in cash.


2 - If a tour is canceled up to 2 days in advance, no money will be returned, if there is availability by STORIC, the tour can be rescheduled. If the tour is canceled up to 5 days in advance, only half the value will be returned. In case of being canceled up to 6 days, the money will be refunded in full.


3 - The tour only takes place with a minimum number of 4 participants, the maximum number of participants is 15, if you have a group that exceeds this number it is possible to take the tour, but in this case a different budget will have to be made.


4 - STORIC reserves the right to change the routes on the tours due to weather changes or constraints that occur in the city.


5 - Food included only in tours that indicate it.


6 - When tickets of Museums and Monuments are not included in the tour, the price of the tickets will be the responsibility of the customers.


7 - The Walking Tours will have its beginning in the place and time designated by STORIC, having a maximum of 10 minutes tolerance.


8 - Information regarding payments and meeting points will be sent by email, after booking a tour.


Your opinion is very important to us and after the visit you will receive, in your email, a questionnaire to evaluate the whole process.